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Pottawatomie County

Pottawatomie County Fair

2021 Pottawatomie County Fairbook 

2021 Pre-Fair letter


2021 Pottawatomie County Fair Dates to Know

Fair Entries Due Online in Fair Entry - July 17th

Pre-Fair - July 30th, Onaga High School and Fairgrounds
(Clothing Construction, Buymanship Notebooks, Fiber Arts, Fashion Revue, FACS Judging, Table Setting, Entomology, Geology and All Visual Arts/Arts and Crafts, Talks)

Horse Show - July 31st, Onaga Fairgrounds

4-H Fair - Aug. 4 - 8th, Onaga Fairgrounds


4-H Project Entry Information

Project Entry Website (Fair Entry)  

Video 1: How to upload Static Projects

Video 2: How to upload Animal Projects

Quick Start Guide to Fair Entry

Fair Entry Guide Video


OC General Information

Open Class Livestock Entry Form

Open Class Livestock Entry Form -- EXCEL


4-H Forms 

2021- Form Fillable Fashion Revue Script 

Cost Per Wear

Robotic Exhibit Form

Reporter's Notebook Info

Table Setting Guidelines


Daniel Skucius, CEA


Erin Tynon, CEA
Family Consumer Sciences
Shannon Blocker, CEA
Agriculture and Natural Resources