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Pottawatomie County

Agricultural Links

Extension AG News

Ag Economics


2022 Custom Rates for Kansas

2024 KSU County-Level Cash Rents (Non-irrigated)

2023 USDA-NASS County-Level Cash Rent Maps (Irrigated, Non-irrigated, Pasture)

Pasture Rental Rate Decision Tool  - Click on PDF and then on Spreadsheets

2023 Bluestem Pasture Release

Quicken for Farm Financial Records from OSU


KSU Extension Agronomy

KSU Weed Science

KSU Range & Forage

Organic Farming

Animal Science

KSU Beef

Podcast - Beef Cattle Institute

General Agricultural Information

Kansas Department of Agriculture

Kansas Forest Service

K-State Weather Data Library

Kansas Dept of Transportation - Road Conditions


Shannon Blocker, CEA
Agriculture and Natural Resources