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Pottawatomie County

Crops and Livestock

New K-State Nitrogen Recommendation Spreadsheet - Blocker
   Download Excel spreadsheet here

Farm Bill program election



Pottawatomie County Extension Newsletters

K-State Soil Testing Lab

Free Soil Testing Grant Form

Brush and Weed Control in Pasture and Rangeland

US Drought Monitor

Drought Impact Reporter

ID & Management of Blue-Green Algae in Farm Ponds

Aflatoxins in Corn

KSU-Prussic Acid Poisoning

OSU-Prussic Acid Poisoning

OSU Ammoniating Low Quality Forage Fact Sheet



Prescribe Burning Information

Burn Status for Pottawatomie County

KS Flint Hill Smoke Management and Weather

National Weather Service for Pottawatomie County

Pottawatomie County Burn Permit Information

KS Forest Service Rangeland Fire Danger

K-State Extension Prescribe Burn Information



Shannon Blocker, CEA
Agriculture and Natural Resources