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Pottawatomie County

Kansas 4-H Award Portfolio

 Pottawatomie County uses Kansas 4-H Award Portfolio (KAP) to select its county project winners.


What is KAP?

Kansas Award Portfolio are portfolios that 4-Hers complete to record and express their accomplishments in a 4-H project. This portfolio, when completed, is part of the overall record book for the year. The KAP allows a 4-H'er to be eligible for various achievement awards. 


2020 KAP's are Due October 1st. 


KAP and Record Book Forms

*** Denotes documents for basic record book requirement

    Personal Page - PDF***

    4-H Story (Instructions)***
    KAP 7 to 9 yrs old - PDF  Word     Score sheet 
    KAP 10 to 13 yrs old - PDF Word   Score sheet
    KAP 14 to 18 yrs old - PDF Word Score sheet

    Permanent Record - PDF (only need current year)***
    Permanent Record - Word Doc.


Additional Information

    Tips, Hints, and Step by Step Instruction

    KAP Checklist

    KAP Portfolio Evaluation Form





Daniel Skucius, CEA
4-H Youth Development