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Pottawatomie County

Volunteer Screening Process


 Adult Kansas 4-H Volunteer Applicant Steps

1. If your family uses the Kansas 4HOnline system at https://ks.4honline.com/, you already have a family account. Login to your family and add yourself as a new family member if you don’t have an adult profile. If your family has never used 4HOnline, you will need to create a new family account before creating an adult profile for yourself.

2. Complete the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Orientation available through Kansas 4HOnline or in person at our KSRE office in Westmoreland. (see instruction below)

3. After completing the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Orientation, notify the KSRE office about completing the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Orientation and schedule an interview appointment.

4. Upon completing the Interview, Extension Office will provide information for the required background checks

5. Local extension office will compile information and submit applicant’s packet for approval.

6. Extension office will send a letter concerning volunteer status and appointment for 4-H work and update status within the Kansas 4-H Online system.

Kansas 4-H Volunteer Code of Conduct


Instructional Guides 

4-H Online Enrollment Guide For Volunteers

4-H Online Volunteer Orientation Instructions