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Pottawatomie County

New to 4-H? Welcome!

Welcome to Pottawatomie County

Welcome to Pottawatomie county. We are glad that you are interested in 4-H! We believe in the power of young people. Using a partnership of K-State Research and Extension and local volunteers, 4-H provides Kansas youth with a reach and depth that is unmatched.

Here's some things to know:

Age? 4-H is open to youth between the ages of 7 and 19

Who? All youth! Whether you are rural or urban, 4-H is for you!

-Fun fact, 4-H isn't just for farm youth! In fact, most project don't require livestock or animals at all. Things like rocketry, foods, photography, and more!

Where?  We have 9 community clubs across Pottawatomie county. Click here to see what clubs are near you.

How? 1. Check out the new family guide and project guide for an overall picture of 4-H 

2. Find a club or two near you and make a club visit. Being active in a community club builds a solid 4-H foundation.

3. Register on 4-Honline. This is how you "officially join" 4-H! Find out details on enrolling here

When? The 4-H year begins October 1, but, youth may join anytime! One big date to know is May 1st. Youth who want to participate in county  fair should enroll by then.

What's going on right now in Pottawatomie county? Find out by checking out our newsletter page!