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Pottawatomie County

Pottawatomie 4-H Ambassadors


Meet the 2019-2020 Ambassadors

Blake Jones

Blake Jones

Hello, I’m Blake Jones from the Olsburg Boosters 4-H Club and this is my second year as a Pottawatomie County 4-H Ambassador. This is my 8th year in 4-H. The main 4-H projects that I participate in are Beef, Woodworking and Leadership. The highlight of the 4-H year to me is participating in the Pottawatomie County Fair. I think 4-H is a great program that helps young people like myself develop lifelong skills. In 4-H over the years I have developed a good work ethic, improved my public speaking skills through project talks, demonstrations and being an officer in my 4-H club. Being involved in 4-H has taught me responsibility through the many projects I have explored over the years. The reason I wanted to become a 4-H Ambassador is to help younger kids develop the skills that I have from 4-H and be a role model for them.  I feel others should join 4-H because it gives them the fun opportunity to acquire skills they they can use throughout their life and there is something for everyone in 4-H.  Because of 4-H I will have lifelong friends and skills ready for a career.

James DeRouchey


My favorite activity in 4-H is having the opportunity to participate at the Kansas State Fair and helping lead our county’s Fun and Learning Day. 4-H has helped teach me many life skills including hard work, leadership, and improving public speaking skills. From preparing for livestock shows to speech competitions, I been able to develop these important life skills. I believe others should join 4-H because it gives you an opportunity to excel in projects you are interested in but also gives you a chance to reach out on a limb and try something new. Because of 4-H, I have been able to find my passion of the swine industry and will now possibly have a career in that field. 


Emma Kasselman


My name is Emma Kasselman and I am an eight-year member of the Olsburg Boosters 4-H Club. My favorite 4-H activity is the fair. Some life skills I have gained from 4-H are the ability to public speak, responsibility, and leadership. In 4-H I have had many opportunities to become a better person. I had the ability to gain these skills through project talks, being a club officer, service projects, and participating in fair activities. People should join 4-H to gain confidence and public speaking skills that will benefit them their entire life. Also, 4-H is a fun organization where there is an activity for everyone, and you can make new friends from across the county. Because of 4-H I have gained confidence in myself and have realized my potential as a leader. 


Elizabeth SinghDhillon


Hi! My name is Elizabeth SinghDhillon but everyone calls me Lily. I have been in 4-H since I was 7 years old. I do everything from rabbits to photograph. I think 4-H has really helped me as a person to be more confident and to try anything and everything. Without 4-H I would not be the leader I am today. You should join 4-H because 4-H helps you to learn a lot of life lessons like how to speak in front of a crowd, to be more confident, and to express yourself. There are also a lot of ways to express yourself like through art, livestock, photography, foods, and many others. As an ambassador I hope to help the kid across the county to try new things and to be the best they can be.  


Elyse Louderback


 Hi, my name is Elyse Louderback this is my first year to be Pott. Co. Ambassador. My favorite 4-H activity is showing cattle. From 4-H I have gained many life skills including leadership. I love being around kids and have had lots of mentors, who have shown me, how to be a good leader to young kids. I have learned conversational skills because in 4-H you have to talk to many different people. 4-H has also taught me responsibility because I have to be able to manage my time to get everything done. Others should join 4-H because of the life skill you learn and you get to meet new people that can become your life long friends. Because of 4-H I have learned that I have a love for kids and can’t wait to help the kids within our county however is needed.


Allison Moser


I’m Allison Moser, a 4-H ambassador for Pottawatomie County. I’m a member of the Westy Trailblazers 4-H club. This year I’m serving as the Vice President for my club. Currently, I’m a freshman in high school, and enjoy participating in the clothing construction, fashion revue, photography, and beef projects. My first experience with 4-H was through the afterschool clover bud program. When I was seven, I became an active member of our club. Through the years I’ve entered many projects in the Pottawatomie County Fair including cattle, goats, photography, woodworking, rocketry, foods, clothing construction and fashion revue. I’ve also competed in the county club days with speeches, skits and gavel games. 4-H is a big part of my life, and I love participating in what our county has to offer. I hope to continue to bring people into the 4-H program, so they can experience everything I did. 4-H has given me important skills, like leadership and public speaking to name a few. I can’t wait to continue to grow as a 4-H ambassador.

Grace Fike


 Hi, I'm Grace Fike. My favorite 4-H activity showing cattle. I have been showing since I was seven years old, it has been a tradition in our family to show for a long time. Throughout my time in 4-H, I have learned to become a better public speaker. I have also learned that if you really want something, you’ll work for it. I think other people should join 4-H because not only is there a family-community feel, but it helped me realize some options for career paths in the future. Because of 4-H, I have met some of my best friends, became a better public speaker, and developed a strong work ethic.


Kara Riffel


Hi, I am Kara Riffel. I am a member of the Westy Trailblazers 4-H Club and I have been involved for the past 10 years. I go to Rock Creek High School where I currently am a Junior. My favorite project in 4-H is showing goats. I am excited to meet and help with all the younger 4-her's getting started in    4-H. 

Grant Dugan


Hi my name is Grant Dugan and I have been in the Blackjack 4-H club for 10 years. This is my first year as an ambassador. The main projects i participate in are beef, woodworking, and buymanship. 4-H has made me a better public speaker more responsible, and a better leader. I believe others should join 4-H because it is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills. Because of 4-H I have gotten to meet a lot of amazing people and become a better leader. 



















Lindsey Oakes, Volunteer Adviser

Marie Jones, Volunteer Adviser

Daniel Skucius, 4-H Agent